Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can I not find my property on

First, check that you are searching for the right type of product.
There might be a number of reasons for this;

a) You are not on represented on the Welsh Tourism Product Database and you need to get in touch with your data partner.

b) You have just had your property graded and your grading file has not been attached to your product - this can take between 1-2 weeks.

c) Your record is not ticked to display 

In each case, please contact your data partner 

Please remember your business may not be on the first page of the search results for a particular search – it may appear on later pages. By default, we display in distance order from the location a user searches and then allow the user to filter the initial search results or display them in a different order e.g. A-Z, price, rating.

2. How do present my business most effectively on

We get about 500,000 thousand visits to the per month and a significant number of them search for things they can buy. We optimize your actual advert, not just on our site but through our API feeds. To take advantage of this you should make sure complete all fields to present the user a complete picture of your product – including both the short and long description. Be sure to provide us with some enticing high-resolution photographs to tempt potential customers! Not just pictures of the property but of the local places of interest especially beaches, lakes, rivers, pretty villages etc. as this often helps people to decide which property to choose. Take advantage of posting up to 6 photographs 1024 by 768 (720p).

You might also want to proactively engage with travel and social networking sites like Twitter/Facebook/Trip advisor to get the message out there that your product is available and leverage word of mouth to promote your business. Our colleagues at Business Wales can point you in the right direction

3. Where should I expect my business to be presented?

You should expect your business to be available on the Visit Wales website as well as through a data feed to multiple external partners across Europe, through websites, online-kiosks, satellite navigation systems, on-line maps and mobile applications.

Your entry will be associated with your grading and additional awards that are endorsed by Visit Wales.  Each record will be presented with up to 6 images in an image carousel. Your entry will include a short and long description bilingually (Welsh & English if you provide it) depending on the local language website product is displayed. Your record will also include short and long description, pricing information and facilities. For accommodation providers that work with the following third party booking engines -,, - We can provide polling of availability and a link to those booking sites

4. In what order are businesses listed in on 

By default we display in distance order from the location a user searches and then allow the user to filter the initial search results or display them in a different order e.g. A-Z, price, rating.

5. Why are my facilities different on

It is difficult to update each and every facility available now and in the future. We made the decision early on in the specification phase to include a handful of over arching categories. This better enables presentation on mobile devices – if a customer requires further clarification they can find that via your website or direct email and telephone communications.

6. What do I do if the information displaying on is incorrect?

If the information that is displaying on appears to be different from that you have provided please, in the first instance, contact your data partner

7. How long do changes to my business take to appear on

Any amendments carried out by data partners on your behalf are changed on their individual systems and are then batch uploaded that evening to the Wales Tourism Product Database which does a systematic sweep to identify changes every 3 hours pushes those to the live site. This data journey may take up to 24 hours.

8. Why is my correct or upgraded grading not appearing on

The Grading team takes between 4-6 weeks from the day of being graded to upgrade the dating record, which has to be attached to the product record in order for it to be displayed.

9. How does my business show availability and become bookable via

Availability will be shown by means of a coloured calendar 1 month before and after a chosen date (or today's date by default). Bookable options chosen by the owner will be displayed. If availability or bookable options are not available we will suggest the user contacts the business directly – through visiting your website or via email and telephone.

10. What about events on

Send your events directly to your Data Partner. There is no cost associated with this but the data partners do have a policy to include items of national and regional significance only. The decision on what constitutes national and regional significance lies with the Data Partner.